Bi-Air Application Services Ltd.
Agriculture and Forestry
About Us
Bi-Air has been in business since 1983.
We started out with only fixed wing aircraft, then added helicopters to our business in the late 1990's.

We repair and rebuild airplanes and helicopters.

Have performed many different services:

  • spraying, seeding, fertilizing crops
  • mosquito and grasshopper control
  • GPS mapping
  • herbicide
  • insecticide
  • hydroseeding
  • conifer release
  • dust control
  • lime spreading
  • Reclamation - spreading hay on ash lagoon

Our services have been used by many companies in western Canada.
Some of these are:
Weyerhaeuser, Trans Alta Utilities, Apical Forestry, Spectrum Resources, Ace Vegetation, Sparrow Environmental, Penn West, Husky Oil, P.F.R.A. and many community pastures

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